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Our Services


Our strategy is to deliver integrated security solutions. In corporation with our customers, we develop customised and efficient solutions in the correct balance of on-site guards and technological interventions


Never allow yourself to be made a victim, we offer new and innovative value added solutions that improve our customer’s profitability.


SECURICO is 100% locally and women owned. The company is a trend setter and an undisputed leader in service quality

Home Security

Have peace of mind at home with our High Quality Electronic Security Solutions.


With an average response time of 6 Minutes our Response Teams will be able to assist you with that much needed assistance in your time of need.


With CCTV solutions for both Commercial and Residential; we allow you to monitor that which is close to your heart from anywhere in the world from your smartphone or laptop.
Customer Focus
Team Work
Equal Opportunity
Social Responsibility

SHEQ Guards

: As a SHEQ Certified organization all our Operatives are well educated on SHEQ issues and attend regular refresher courses.


SECURICO offers secure transportation of cash using high security vehicles, fully screened and trained personnel.


We supply and install a large selection of electronic access control systems, from single-door to multi-layered access systems, offering swipe-tag, fingerprint or pin-code access.

Guarding Services

The Banker

As the Nation’s leading Security service provider, SECURICO has delivered proven solutions to the financial industry for over 14 years. From securing a single branch to integrating security systems for large networks, our dedicated professionals are focused on the needs of this important market sector.

The Diplomat

Our operatives are specially trained to understand the bureaucracy and delicate processes involved in servicing Diplomatic missions and with that knowledge we at SECURICO are able to design integrated, innovative security services that answer these challenges.

The SHEQ Guard

Specialist SHEQ guards are fully qualified in managing Health and Safety emergencies.

The Retailer

At SECURICO we realize that retail security includes many aspects, from keeping intruders out and keeping track of who comes in, to protecting merchandise from shoplifting and employee theft, plus also responding to smoke, fire and other emergencies.

Electronic security solutions

For your Home

Burglar Alarms and Rapid Response Service

Burglar alarms have become the standard in Home security and are affordable and easy to install. All Alarms (existing and new) can be linked to a 24 Hour rapid Response service.  Your Home can also be linked to a Rapid Response service without necessarily having an alarm through the use of a panic button.

Electric Fence and Automated Gates

A SECURICO Electric fence never sleep on the job. The fences can be zoned and linked to an existing or new alarm for notification if disturbed.

CCTV Systems

CCTV is the most effective and versatile method of safely monitoring activities happening around your home. Our CCTV systems can be linked to the internet for remote viewing on any smart phone or computer from any location in the world.

Access Control systems

For high value rooms in your home, electronic Access control systems can be installed to ensure only authorized people can access. These range from use if Pin Code, Card, Thumb print, to voice and facial recognition.


Cash In Transit (CIT)

SECURICO offers secure transportation of cash using high security vehicles, fully screened and trained personnel and purpose-built technology to transport and protect cash.

Cashiering Services

Management of cash on behalf of clients including receipting, counterfeit detection, reconciliation and sorting.

Overnight Banking

As a security company we realise that it’s a huge risk for our clients to keep money overnight because banks would have closed down. You can deposit your money with us and we take the money to the bank the next morning when bank’s closed and that deposit is acknowledged as a genuine bank deposit by your bank.

Retail Cash Management

Provision of systems and hardware which provide an automated cash office for retail sites to improve security of cash, electronic audit trails of takings and a real time view of retail cash balances

Value Added Services

Messengering services

This is a specialized service whereby we deploy a trained and motorized Security Operative to collect and deliver mail and other packages on behalf of our cliens. This service can be on a frequency agreed by both parties depending on the volume of items that need to be delivered or collected. We are also able to deploy on a call basis.

Receptionist Services / Switchboard Services

SECURICO has been providing Receptionist services for more than 5 Years. Similar to Messengering services, this service is an Outsourcing of a Receptionist or Switchboard Operator. SECURICO will deploy a trained Security Operative who also has training in Receptionist services. The major advantage is that the Receptionist will be performing two roles; that of a Receptionist and a Security Operatives.

Onsite Banking

SECURICO has over 10 years’ experience in provision of onsite banking services. It is the only security company in Zimbabwe providing this unique service and has done so satisfactorily. This serviced is available in all major cities and towns.

DDNS Security Operations (Private) LTD trading as SECURICO was founded in 1998. From humble beginnings, the company has grown to become a leading player and an acclaimed award winning organisation in Zimbabwe. The rise of SECURICO to become a market leader in the security industry has been based on three core principles namely READ MORE

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