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Positive Living – Lydia’s Journey

Lost Hope

Looking at me now, would you believe that in 2007 I was bedridden. I weighed 43 kilograms and my CD4 count was 131. Back then, I thought this is it, the end. I gave away my possessions to anyone who came to visit. I would not be needing those where I was going. I had lost all hope.

However, I was lucky my parents did not give up on me. They helped me to enrol in a treatment programme at Epworth Clinic, where I reacted well to the medication and started getting better. I also joined a support group that helped me accept my HIV positive status and taught me how to live positively. The support I received proved invaluable when my husband died. He had denied his status for too long and by the time he wanted to start treatment it was too late: his body could not cope.


SECURICO: The Legend Continues

 “The goal of a company. . .’ said Wal-Mart founder Sam Warton ‘. . .is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary’.  Already a legend in the customer service  department, SECURICO has gone one better at the 2015 Service Excellence Awards, being named winner of the security sector for the second time in four years.