What they say

Speech by DQS Sales & Marketing Director Mr Musapenontitus Miyen

The SECURICO certificates were handed over by DQS Sales & Marketing Director Mr Musapenontitus Miyen who appreciated that it had not been an easy journey to certification but a tough one. He indicated that SECURICO’s integration of its business systems is a huge step for the company towards tackling international markets in the region.


Mr. Miyen explained that although DQS audits are rigorous such that it may appear as if certification is a very difficult process, the effort was worthwhile as the end result is that companies certified by DQS will have systems that match international standards. “In actual fact SECURICO are the masters as far as most of the competition in the region is concerned” he said. “Looking back to 2005 in South Africa there were very few certified security companies and now looking at 2015 most South African security companies are ISO 9001 certified but don’t have 14001 and 18001 making SECURICO’s certification quite an achievement” he continued. In his closing remarks Mr. Miyen complimented the SECURICO staff members for their achievement.

“You are champions in the security industry, champions in your own accord and you are champions for SECURICO” he said. “Whatever we do here, let us take it home because safety does not end here, environment does not end here and quality of life does not end here”. He indicated that SECURICO employees were lucky to have a leader in the mould of Ms Ndhlukula and advised the staff to emulate her leadership strategies and skills. “Having a leader that drives a business from the front and says I need to get my hands dirty and I need to lead from the front is very rare” he said.