What they say

Speech by Guest of Honour Mr. Stanley Segula Chief Operations Officer of ZIMPLATS

Guest of Honour for the event, Mr Stanley Segula COO of Zimplats paid tribute to SECURICO and chronicled the seamless partnership that has been achieved between SECURICO and Zimplats. He gave a special thanks to SECURICO Board of Directors and Senior Management for embarking on this important step to refine the corporate governance of their organisation despite the challenges posed by difficulties currently in the economy.


He described how the Directors had fulfilled their paramount duty to “set the right tone” for the establishment of a culture to operate their organization in an effective and ethical manner in order to produce long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders. This certification affirms that SECURICO – along with a growing number of organizations worldwide – recognizes the fact that businesses have the responsibility to adopt sustainable business practices especially those practices that promote the safety and good health of employees and protection of the environment. While establishing and maintaining such programs is not cheap it should be recognized that according to the Harvard Principles of Corporate Governance (2012) the ongoing advancement of corporate governance practices advances the ability of corporations to compete, create jobs and generate long-term, sustainable economic growth.

The example that has been set by SECURICO emphasizes the need for each organisation to play its part in promoting sustainable economic growth. This should challenge other organisations to follow suit despite the difficulties that they may be facing. He went on to mention that as ZIMPLATS they are glad to be associated with SECURICO and this certification gives them an assurance that they are in good hands given the fact that their operations require high standards of safety and environmental management in line with international standards. He noted how their relationship with SECURICO goes back to 2007 and even before they embarked on this certification programme they had grown to regard them as a key part of their mine’s safety and environmental and quality programmes which incidentally are also certified by DQS. He mentioned how SECURICO had accumulated 2324 LTI (loss Time Injury) free days with the last minor injury occurring in February 2011. During the past seven years SECURICO’s passion for health and safety saw their First Aid Team representing ZIMPLATS in regional and national First Aid Competitions where they conducted themselves with a high degree of skill and won some awards.

Mr Segula went on to say that apart from making profits, organisations should ensure that no one is injured, maimed or killed because of work. There is no excuse for damaging or destroying the environment. Only then can we boast that we exemplify the highest standards of corporate citizenship.