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SECURICO: The Legend Continues

 “The goal of a company. . .’ said Wal-Mart founder Sam Warton ‘. . .is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary’.  Already a legend in the customer service  department, SECURICO has gone one better at the 2015 Service Excellence Awards, being named winner of the security sector for the second time in four years.


In true SECURICO style, the management team dedicated the award to its 4,000 plus employees, praising them for representing the company with great distinction at their respective places of deployment. This comes as no surprise, because SECURICO employees have always been reminded that they are not only brand ambassadors for SECURICO, but also for the different premises at which they are deployed. Success at every level is part and parcel of the SECURICO DNA. Take SECURICO’s brand promise for example: Committed to Quality and Excellence. Commitment to excellence, which includes delivery of legendary customer service, is cited as the ‘first commandment’ by Customer Focus Consulting, a Canadian based consulting firm. The other commandments include developing a proactive recovery strategy; ensuring continuous improvements; listening to customers; celebrating success and defining the playfield. SECURICO lives by these commandments and the Service Excellence award is a testament to the success of the initiative.

Of special interest is the commandment on defining the playfield. By defining the playfield, team members understand the rules of the game and how to play to win. There must be a clear outline of goals and a clear plan on how to reach those goals. Recently, SECURICO made headlines with its certification to two International standards: ISO 14001 Environmental Management, and ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system. Add to this the ISO 9001 Quality Management system, which it attained in 2005 and the full SHEQ (Safety, Health Environmental and Quality) management system awarded this year, and you can clearly see how SECURICO defines work procedures, outlines what is expected of employees and then trains employees to deliver exceptional service to customers.

It is no wonder therefore, that SECURICO is the preferred one-stop solutions provider for security services and products, such as Specialised Guard services, Cash Management, Cash and Asset In Transit, Electronic Security installations (CCTV, Fire and Burglar Alarms, Access Control, Remote Site Monitoring, Electric Fencing), Receptionist services, Messengering services, Investigations services and more.

As the year draws towards a conclusion, Team SECURICO can look back on 2015 and congratulate themselves on being exceptional. Being exceptional is, after all, what legends are made of.