Electronic Security Solutions

For your Home

Burglar Alarms and Rapid Response Service

Burglar alarms have become the standard in Home security and are affordable and easy to install. All Alarms (existing and new) can be linked to a 24 Hour rapid Response service.  Your Home can also be linked to a Rapid Response service without necessarily having an alarm through the use of a panic button.

Electric Fence and Automated Gates

A SECURICO Electric fence never sleep on the job. The fences can be zoned and linked to an existing or new alarm for notification if disturbed.

CCTV Systems

CCTV is the most effective and versatile method of safely monitoring activities happening around your home. Our CCTV systems can be linked to the internet for remote viewing on any smart phone or computer from any location in the world.

Access Control systems

For high value rooms in your home, electronic Access control systems can be installed to ensure only authorized people can access. These range from use if Pin Code, Card, Thumb print, to voice and facial recognition.


Having a power back-up solution has never been more imperative to Security as it is now as the absence of electricity for long hours puts our clients safety and security at risk when alarms, Electric fence’s, automated gates and CCTV’s are not powered up. Green alternatives such as Solar are options which we have adopted so that our clients are not caught off guard when power goes off.

The safety and security of our client’s and their property is our number one priority, hence we have taken Alternative Power Solutions as a serious and worthy security measure.