Value Added Services

Messengering services

This is a specialized service whereby we deploy a trained and motorized Security Operative to collect and deliver mail and other packages on behalf of our clients. This service can be on a frequency agreed by both parties depending on the volume of items that need to be delivered or collected. We are also able to deploy on a call basis.

Receptionist Services / Switchboard Services

SECURICO has been providing Receptionist services for more than 5 Years. Similar to Messengering services, this service is an Outsourcing of a Receptionist or Switchboard Operator. SECURICO will deploy a trained Security Operative who also has training in Receptionist services. The major advantage is that the Receptionist will be performing two roles; that of a Receptionist and a Security Operatives.

Onsite Banking

SECURICO has over 10 years’ experience in provision of onsite banking services. It is the only security company in Zimbabwe providing this unique service and has done so satisfactorily. This serviced is available in all major cities and towns.