Electronic security solutions

For your Home

Burglar Alarms and Rapid Response Service

Burglar alarms have become the standard in Home security and are affordable and easy to install. All Alarms (existing and new) can be linked to a 24 Hour rapid Response service.  Your Home can also be linked to a Rapid Response service without necessarily having an alarm through the use of a panic button.

Electric Fence and Automated Gates

A SECURICO Electric fence never sleep on the job. The fences can be zoned and linked to an existing or new alarm for notification if disturbed.

CCTV Systems

CCTV is the most effective and versatile method of safely monitoring activities happening around your home. Our CCTV systems can be linked to the internet for remote viewing on any smart phone or computer from any location in the world.

Access Control systems

For high value rooms in your home, electronic Access control systems can be installed to ensure only authorized people can access. These range from use if Pin Code, Card, Thumb print, to voice and facial recognition.

For your business

Alarm Systems

SECURICO offers a wide range of alarms, plus installation, including burglar alarms, video alarms and fire alarms. Offering advanced business security, all alarms can be real-time linked to SECURICO’s centralized operations centers. Installed systems are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client and the resource under protection. SECURICO’s has a team of qualified technicians to install and maintain the sytems.


CCTV is the most effective and versatile method of monitoring crime and employee activities. SECURICO’s friendly and professional technicians install CCTV systems for use in commercial, retail, mining, financial services and diplomatic applications. Our CCTV products range from 4-channel to 64-channel systems which can do simultaneous recording and playback. CCTV channels can be linked directly to SECURICO control centres CCTV offers justifiable cost, as the potential losses far outweigh the cost of the system in the medium to long term.

Access Control

SECURICO supplies and installs a large selection of electronic access control systems, from single-door to multi-layered access systems, offering swipe-tag, fingerprint or pin-code access. Database control means you can change access permissions at the click of a mouse. Access control includes biometric analytics, a system operated via the internet where large numbers of employees can be linked to time and attendance for payrolls.

Rapid Response

Fast, silent, effective. SECURICO’s Rapid Response, a hybrid tactical division linked into one central operational hub, resulting in an outstanding deployment average of 6 minutes for all emergencies.

Electric Fence and Gates

SECURICO also install and secure electric gate motors.

Remote Site Monitoring

Do you have a site located in a remote, uninhabited area? Take advantage of SECURICO’s remote site monitoring, where we can detect movement around your property and view LIVE video footage of all that is taking place from our control center.