Guarding Services

Guarding Services​

As the Nation’s leading Security service provider, SECURICO has delivered proven solutions to the financial industry for over 14 years. From securing a single branch to integrating security systems for large networks, our dedicated professionals are focused on the needs of this important market sector.
The Diplomat

Our operatives are specially trained to understand the bureaucracy and delicate processes involved in servicing Diplomatic missions and with that knowledge, we at SECURICO are able to design integrated, innovative security services that answer these challenges.

Specialist SHEQ guards are fully qualified in managing Health and Safety emergencies.

At SECURICO we realize that retail security includes many aspects, from keeping intruders out and keeping track of who comes in, to protecting merchandise from shoplifting and employee theft, plus also responding to smoke, fire and other emergencies.

Guarding Services​

Experience unyielding protection and peace of mind with our committed and motivated team.

The Banker

Armed not only with security expertise but also a deep understanding of the bank's workings. With a friendly demeanor and top-tier customer service, they're your trusted safeguard and the welcoming face at your financial fortress.

The SHEQ Guard

Equipped with expertise and cutting-edge gear, our SHEQ Guard stands ready to tame emergencies and ensure your safety.

The Retailer

Retail security encompasses various aspects, spanning intrusion prevention, visitor monitoring, merchandise safeguarding against theft, and rapid emergency response.

Sectors We Are Servicing

Sectors We Are Servicing