Guarding Services

Frequently Asked Questions

SECURICO offers secure transportation of cash using high security vehicles, fully screened and trained personnel and purpose-built technology to transport and protect cash.

We purchase high-quality items (CCTVs, Alarms, Access control) from renowned brands such as Dahua for CCTVs, Paradox for Alarms, and ZKT for Access Control.

We import equipment and therefore prefer cash up front.

We accept transfers, swipes, or cash

We provide the best quality systems and do not compromise on quality-of-service delivery.

Within 24-48 hours. We must conduct a site survey and then quote

Within 48 hours from the time of payment.

Maximum of 8- 10 minutes all things held constant

  • We can re-look at our map and see if we can move our vehicles closer.

Most reactions happen overnight when there is less traffic

1-year warranty on equipment

We use renowned brands. We can share references for jobs done years back.

24/7 Control Room and SLA with recommended maintenance every 6 months

We determine the coverage after conducting a risk assessment and reduction might leave you exposed. However, you may consider installing electronic systems to enhance the physical guarding, and that way we can reduce the number of guards.

We have over 4 000 guards’ country wide, 900 of which are female

We can deploy within 24 hours after risk assessment, signing of contract, and payment.

-Guard Monitoring Unit Emergency Cellphone Panic System

We mainly service blue chip clients in various sectors including your sector …………….. Provide specific companies

  • Yes we do have some isolated incidents where our guards are involved in thefts.
  • Some measures we have put in place to reduce such incidents include thorough vetting on recruitment, constant physical supervision, electronic supervision using Guard Monitoring Units, robust staff welfare initiatives

Yes, we do as guided by the terms and conditions in our contracts. We also encourage all clients to have insurance

Our main cost driver is the guard’s salaries we also pay partly in USD, that way we can guarantee the provision of quality service  

  1. If paying USD cash
  2. Number of shifts involved

A large part of the amount goes to our employees’ salaries. We also have a robust welfare programs e.g medical aid, funeral policy, agricultural input for employees. That way we can guarantee you value for your money

Yes, some company policies allow them to use one security provider for a specific period

  1. Medical Aid 
  2. Funeral Policy
  3. Agricultural Inputs
  4. Bicycle schemes
  5. Development Programs
  6. Savings