Securico 25th Anniversary: Excellent service delivery, putting people first

A leading security service provider, Securico Security Services (Pvt) (Ltd) has had a 25-year journey underpinned by quality and excellence in pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Speaking during the company’s silver jubilee celebration in Bindura today, Dr. Divine Simbi Ndhlukula, the Founder and Managing Director of Securico said she was motivated to form the company by a strong desire to provide a better livelihood for four families.

“With $1200 lifetime savings as capital, in our servant quarters in Merlin, here we are today, colleagues, as we celebrate 25 years of an exciting journey full of rapture and splendor. We have built a business that has become a fairytale story that you may read in the books, but we live it,” Ndhukula said.

The Silver Jubilee celebrations were held at SOS Hermann Gmeiner High School in Bindura. Dr. Ndhlukula said Securico will be celebrating 25 years of existence by planting trees at 25 schools across the country.

“It has not been an easy journey but we are here today – solid, strong and still growing. Key stakeholders for us too are the schools we partner with to paly our part in the community. Education is our key focus area. Why? Education is a powerful agent of change, because it is the greatest weapon anyone can use to beat poverty.

“In our sustainability plan, we focus on the environment, especially through planting tress because trees are life as our learners know. In addition to all they provide for us in our day to day, we really need to scale up afforestation and reforestation as it is critical in preserving and enhancing the environment. They act as carbon sinks, absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, which helps mitigate climate change.

“Because both forests and oceans play vitally important roles in regulating our climate, increasing the natural ability of forests and oceans to absorb carbon dioxide can also help stop global warming. Core to all climate change solutions is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which must get to zero as soon as possible,” Ndhlukula said.

Mr. Patrick Maseva Shayawabaya, the Managing Director of Freda Rebecca Mine, who was the Guest of Honour at the Tree Planting initiative to mark the silver jubilee, said the story of Dr. Ndhlukula as the Managing Director of Securico is an inspiring one, especially as it motivates women to scale greater heights in business and society.

” Mrs Ndhlukula is a role model for women’s economic empowerment. Securico has created employment opportunities for women in the security sector. Mrs Ndhulkula aso provides mentorship and supports women to start up businesses and become employers in their own rights,” Mr. Shayawabaya said.

In her testimonial, Maidei Marodza, a Securico employee said she joined the companhy on 20 February 2008 and has been with the company ever since.

“My husband passed away in 2003 so I  was left with 2 children to look after. I have been with Securico for 15 years now. My first born son is at Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) and is studying diesel plant fitting. The second one is at Chipindura High doing Form 6. I am on medical aid and funeral cover. I am finishing up a house in Manhenga in Bindura and I am looking forward to move into the new house in December. Thanks to Mrs. Ndhlukula who has been and remains my pillar of support and motivation,” Marodza said.

Dr. Ndhlukula is the founder and Managing Director of Securico and Zvikomborero Farms (Pvt) (Ltd) that is involved in livestock farming.  She is a holder of 2 MBA degrees from Midlands State University and Women’s University in Africa as well as a PhD Philosophy in Business Leadership from Women’s University in Africa.

Divine is an inspirational story of an ordinary woman who has achieved extraordinary achievements against all odds when she founded SECURICO at her kitchen table with 3 employees, with now over 4000 team members.

A champion of women economic empowerment, she is credited with transforming the security industry in setting international standards through ISO certifications and getting women to be accepted as capable security practitioners.

She has won many notable local and international business and philanthropic awards, among other:

  • Forbes Africa Businesswoman of the Year 2019
  • EY World Entrepreneur Award Southern Africa 2014 – Exceptional category
  • UNCTAD/Empretec Top Ten Global Women in Business
  • Africa Award for Entrepreneurship by Legatum Institute
  • Institute of Directors Zim Director of Year 2008
  • African Leadership Legend Award (Legacy Building Leaders) 2021
  • Conferred with the esteemed Commendation Hero Medal in recognition of the   valuable contribution to the economy of the Republic of Zimbabwe
  • Inducted in the prestigious JA International Global Business Hall of Fame 2021
  • Fellow of the Excellence Hall of Fame inducted in Oct 2023 Dublin Ireland along with Jean Oelwang of Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite.

Dr Divine has been appointed to board membership, directorship, chairmanship and leadership capacities in several key and strategic institutions and commissions in Zimbabwe.

Among others  she is the Past Chairman of the Security Association of Zimbabwe; Past Chairman of the JSP committee in the Chamber of Mines; Past President of Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC); Chairman of the Goat Breeders Association; Past President of PROWEB; Founder and Chaiman of WOBT; and Commissioner of National Competition Commission.




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