SECURICO success driven by people

Dr. Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula, the woman at the helm of SECURICO, wowed the guests at the Silver Jubilee dinner celebration held in Harare early this month as she reiterated that the success of SECURICO has been people from day one. She firstly thanked the Almighty for the wisdom bestowed upon her, and the peace that surpasses all understanding to enable everyone to be where they were now.

She thanked all stakeholders who supported the SECURICO vision to its fruition. Rooted in its vision of being “The world-class market leader in the provision of professional security solutions to satisfy internal and external
clients”, SSECURICO attributes its success to the people. She said: “Many have asked ‘What are the success nuggets?’ and my simple answer, always is – the people.” “Our people have seen progress in their lives as we try to align personal goals with business goals.”

The company boasts of a workforce of happy, motivated, and disciplined people. SeCURiCO employees take pride and ownership in the company, and this has resulted in a highly engaged, committed, and loyal staff component. This is evidenced by some staff who have been with the company since its humble beginnings in 1998. Simbi-Ndhlukula went on to say: “We have a rallying theme we have used going back many years, that says – “We are ordinary people, that have attained extraordinary achievements, hence the Silver Jubilee theme: Our journey, our people…
it is because of SECURICO’s forward-thinking, driven, and respected leadership team that SECURICO has and continues to realise its vision. From the board of directors to the MD at the helm, right through to line management, all leadership understands the role they play and how to steer the teams towards the shared vision.

SECURICO has managed to rise in the face of adversity and trying times. The company has been acknowledged, celebrated, and decorated with over 25 awards for contributions to the economy.



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