Staff welfare central to SECURICO

IT is often said that satisfied employees produce satisfied customers, and this is palpable at SECURICO.
The company vaunts happy, motivated, and disciplined employees owing to their robust welfare programs. To deliver on its promise of professionalism and customer satisfaction would not be possible without a strong foundation made up of SECURICO employees.

One of the PIONEERS identified as Jackie testified, thanking the company for the personal development programs, medical aid, bursaries, agricultural inputs, and saving schemes over the years. Triumphant Ndou, the SECURICO HR officer, daughter of the first SECURICO operations manager, left the delegates in tears as she took them through her journey after the death of their father and how SECURICO assisted them to be where
they are today.

The SECURICO MD said: “Employees have seen progress in their lives.
“A lot have built good careers at SECURICO, despite having joined thinking it was a temporary job to the next. “I cannot count the number of graduations, weddings, etc. that we have attended for team members or their children. “Amazing things have happened as attested to by the testimonials.” Over the course of its 25-year existence, SECURICO has not slowed down in providing women with opportunities and in showcasing that women can and do have the right to be game changers in the industry.

This is evidenced by a significant percentage of women in positions of authority from the board to supervisors. In his remarks, the SECURICO head of HR and Quality Assurance said: “The welfare schemes in place are aimed at improving the work environment and the general lives of employees.” “Employee welfare and motivation schemes have been put in place to maintain an ongoing culture of service excellence. This also includes rewards for top performers and involvement of staff in acknowledging and celebrating major
milestones.” As an extension, SECURICO also launched a Clinic and Wellness Centre for its employees a year ago. The company celebrated the Silver Jubilee with the rest of Team SECURICO in Bulawayo and
their HQ. Some of the pioneers that were there for the past 20 to 25 years were part of the Silver Jubilee Dinner in Harare.

The Standard News 17 December 2023 Page T6



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