Due to copious reasons, our country has seen an increase in crime, which is evidenced by the various burglaries, armed robberies and murders cases we read about in the papers.  We no longer have an environment whereby everyone you see in the street can be treated as either a sister or brother. It is therefore advisable for you to be security conscious to avoid falling victim. Below are some key security tips to help you become security conscious:

  • Avoid walking alone at night; if you have to do not carry any valuables
  • Do not accept ride offers from strangers.
  • If you can, avoid asking for directions from strangers, rather ask a security officer or a vendor.
  • Avoid using bushy and isolated short cuts when walking home during the day or night.
  • Do not be quick to give change/loose money to strangers, you might be conned.
  • Do not disclose your pin number whenever you pay for your goods electronically in the supermarket and always be conscious of anyone behind you for long distances after leaving.
  • Do not disclose private information to strangers including your home address, Name etc; you might just invite thieves to make your life difficult.
  • Keep your head up when walking and avoid being distracted by your phone.
  • Make sure you inform a trusted friend or family members if you are travelling. This lets them know when to get worried in case something happens to you.
  • Always keep your mind on your surroundings so that you can be able to hear when trouble approaches.
  • When using an ATM machine be extremely wary and never count your money in public.

Security does not begin at home or at work but is a lifestyle that you need to adopt. All facets of your day including interactions, moving from one place to another, shopping, etc need you to be security conscious. Always Remember SECURITY BEGINS WITH YOU!!



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