We are expecting persistant rainfall this year; as a result burglaries will be on the increase at night with rainfall making it impossible to make out noises in our yards. Aside from the fact that it is now very affordable to have a home alarm system, it is also well worth the expense when we know the benefits it gives of keeping our family and home safe.

  • Having a good home alarm system will lessen your chances of intruders getting into your house. If you have a home alarm and someone broke in they will have no time to hang around with the alarm sounding.  
  • Every alarm system comes with a sign board that makes a subtle announcement of its installation in the dwelling. This sign deters the criminal from even attempting to lay an evil eye on that home.
  • Insurance companies quote lesser premium amounts for those homes that are laced with a home alarm system.
  • Should you plan to move elsewhere and put your house on the market, an already installed Security Alarm System gives your property a bigger value.
  • Home alarm systems give homeowners enough peace of mind to allow them to be comfortable in their own home.
  • Having an armed security system in your home is like having a personal guard on duty while you sleep. When your alarm goes off, trained operatives are quickly dispatched to your premises to physically check for your safety and also conduct a security check around your premises.
  • An unmonitored system usually has an audible alarm which notifies neighbours the security of your home has been breached.

Merely having a security system in your home is sometimes not enough to protect you from being victimized. It is important to use your system as directed to get the most value from it. A home security system cannot protect you from criminals who are not deterred by obvious signs of an alarm if you don’t arm your device.


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