Due to the high cost of power and as seen with recent events, fire risk in Zimbabwe has increased. With the decay in our social systems and corruption now being the order of the day, building regulations are not adhered to resulting in substandard electrical wiring, plumbing etc. The consequences of a fire can be devastating.

Technology now plays a big role in our daily lives, more so protecting us from fire outbreaks as well.

  • Adding smoke detectors to an existing alarm is a very cost effective and affordable solution for early fire detection for both domestic and commercial premises.
  • Fire due to gas leaks is a risk almost all us have to live with. Adding an LP gas detector to your existing alarm will go a long way in ensuring you are aware of any gas leakage in time to prevent an explosion. This will greatly reduce your level of fire risk especially in restaurants and fast food outlets were several gas stoves maybe working at the same time.
  • Negligence is the leading cause of fire outbreaks worldwide. Simply evaluating your risk and conscientising your family/workforce on those risks will go a long way in preventing unwanted fire outbreaks.

Always remember “Safety Begins with YOU”; your family’s life, your business, your employee’s safety and client’s safety is in your hands.

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