Easter is now here, most of us are going to pack our bags and leave for our holiday destinations. Whilst we will not be able to move around and enjoy with relatives and friends, we can make the best of our Easter with family. This gives us that unique opportunity to bond as families and get to make more personal memories to be shared for a lifetime. This is a time to bond, play games and better yet create games as a family unit that are unique to your family and can be passed on down generations. As we get time to visit family we still need to be security conscious over the holiday. Crime is real and incidences are increasing.  

We have put together some pointers to help you out:

 -  Keep loose tools such as hoes, axes, and shovels locked up. Thieves can easily use these to break a window to allow entry into your house or worse as weapons against you.

-   Make sure all windows are closed and doors are locked, just before dark.

-     Refrain from posting pictures that show valuables that are in your home online; not all your facebook friends make an honest living.

 -    Test your alarm  NOW!!!!  Just to make sure that it is working properly and sending signals to the Service provider control room. if there is a fault, this can be rectified before an incident occurs.

 -   Go round your perimeter fence/wall to make sure there are no weak points were an intruder can gain entry. 

- Make sure you have a plan for emergencies and share with your entire family including the kids, having an emergency plan that everyone is aware of gives your family that extra advantage if anything is to go wrong. With a lot of free time this easter you can conduct safety drills with the family on different security scenarios that you can think of.

 -  Make a photographic or video record of all your valuable items, this is a good precaution in case of theft, fire or other disaster Also remember that merely having a security system in your home is sometimes not enough to protect you from being victimized. It is important to use your system as directed to get the most value from it. A home security system cannot protect you from criminals who are not deterred by obvious signs of an alarm if you don’t arm your device.

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