We are not afraid of competition,it makes us better — Ndhlukula

LEADING security solutions company, Securico Security Services says a competitor analysis provides vital information about the rivals’ salient performance which in turn helps in decision-making to enhance performance and set a higher standard.

The overarching purpose of a competitive analysis is to find out how well competitors are meeting the main needs of customers, solving their problems, and providing unique solutions. “We are not afraid of competition, it makes us better,” said Securico founder and managing director, Dr Divine Ndhlukula during the company’s annual security awards held recently in the capital. The awards were celebrated under the 2023 theme, Growth Through Customer Retention. Founded in 1998, Securico has grown to
become a leading player and an acclaimed award-winning organisation in the security services sector.

A happy, motivated, and disciplined workforce; service excellence, and technological innovations are the principles that have shaped Securico to become a market leader in Zimbabwe’s security industry. Ndhlukula revealed a larger portion of Securico’s business is being generated from the crop of its existing clients, with a smaller portion of business being from new business.

“We believe our staying power is in our value proposition to the clients and that is what we will continue doing. This is evidenced by average conversion ratios on both new and repeat business. As an ISO-certified company, we are very good at tracking our statistics. “Our ratio for repeat business is 67 percent
while new business is 33 percent. We have more existing clients giving us new business. This is a result of our 2023 rallying theme of “Growth through customer retention,” she said.

Securico will be celebrating yet another milestone, its silver jubilee in December 2023, which has seen the company stand the test of time, experiencing unprecedented growth despite various economic turmoils that affected Zimbabwe over the past two decades. Ndhlukula said her organisation survived various macro-economic policies such as Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) which she said were not very favourable for organisational growth. “I am happy to announce that this year we celebrate our silver jubilee. We are turning 25.

I am surprised that we have come this far, honestly,” said the Securico boss. The Securico security awards were held to honour employees who have not only excelled in various fields of their work expertise but who have also served the company for many years. Employees honoured include those who have been loyal to the company for 20 years, 15 years, and 10 years. “Celebration of our top performers is natural
to us, as this is what makes us who we are. The awards our business and leaders get year-in and year-out locally and globally are a result of the business rewarding its top performers and celebrating each and every one to put their best foot forward,” added Ndhlukula.

Securico has engaged in several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that have helped the company in achieving accelerated capital growth, deepened competitive advantage, invigorated employee engagement, and a high employee retention rate.

“We mould not only a good employee but a good citizen. “We are here to impact the world we live in,” she said. Securico’s CSR programmes include women empowerment, environmental sustainability, rural education, and various well-being initiatives. “As a business, we believe we are not here just to make
economic returns for shareholders and jobs for our employees, but we are here to impact the world we live in socially and environmentally.

“We are happy that we have achieved much in terms of key focus areas of influence on community CSR,” said Ndhlukula. Some of Securicos’ CSR programmes include women’s economic empowerment initiatives through employment and the company’s supply chains. Securico also introduced education through a bursary fund established for both its internal employees’ children and external girls supported by the company. The company is also engaged in various environmental.

programmes being conducted
through clean-up campaigns and being part of trusts that drive initiatives such as tree planting. Employee wellness is essential to business and organisational success. Securicos’ wellness initiatives have been extended to incorporate HIV/ AIDS and cancer initiatives.

To top it all, the company recently opened the Securico Wellness Centre located at the company’s head office in Harare. Securico boasts of an efficient quality management system that has been recognised not only in Zimbabwe but in Southern Africa. The company’s Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) policy has helped Securico to have an integrated management system that assists it in recognising both the strong and weak areas of the business. Moreover, when executed correctly into its strategy, it allows representatives of top management to ensure efficient and safe work procedures.
“Our SHEQ is one of the best in Southern Africa,” said Ndhlukula. Securico has trailblazed in the standardisation of its management systems and is certified to the following international

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  • ISO 45001: Occupational
    Health and Safety
  • ISO 14001: Environmental



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